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4 benefits for you... only for booking from our website

Our Beauty Treatments

We take care of your body's beauty.

All beauty treatments in our beauty farm are made by qualified staff.

Comfort touch
1 relaxing massage face- neck + 1 facial cleansing + 1 purifying mask
Cost: 45 €

Cost: 20 €

French manicure and pedicure
Cost: 25 €

Cost: 40 €

Hair removal
Cost: 45 € – 30 €

Cost: 7 € – 5 €

Cost: 30 €

Nails reconstruction with Gel
Cost: €. 100.00

Nails cover with gel
Cost: 70 €

Solar shower
Cost: € 10 (per session)

Beauty Dream
Beauty Dream treatment uses a mixture of ultrasound, infrared waves and physiological stimulants. This combination allows you to find the harmony of your shapes by shaping and reducing the tissues where it is needed.
A unique multi-sensory experience, where the most advanced technology embraces manual experience.

Reduction of fat deposits SLIM FAST
Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: 75 €

Muscle toning and tissue toning SLIM UP
Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: 75 €

Combined Drainage
Do you feel your Legs swollen, tired, aching? Feel like a butterfly with a combined drainage.
Duration: 1h 35 ‘
Cost: 80 €

Dermal Restorative- Deep Cleaning Face – Breast – neckline
It is done at each change of season, with warm oils, paraffin Aloe vera, with multi-massage acupressure and deep dissection.
Duration: 1h 15 ‘
Cost: 60 €

It is a therapeutic massage that helps to counteract the edema and to improve blood circulation activating a pressure, sequentially through the treatment of lower limbs affected by edema, fluid retention and circular problems.
It acts on the venous and lymphatic circulation, making it more efficient and thereby improving the aesthetic imperfections such as cellulite.
It is advisable to combine, to pressotherapy, a cycle of massages to enhance circulation and improve tissue oxygenation. Usually, in fact, pressotherapy gives an immediate sensation of well being, diminishing the sense of heaviness and tension and giving a more elastic and smoother skin and more fluid movements.
It is contraindicated in cases of heart failure, skin lesions, lymphangitis, thrombophlebitis, peripheral arterial insufficiency, plexopathy, neuropathy.
Duration: 40 minutes
Cost: 75 €

Ghibli – firming and draining
Running time: 1h 10m
1 Treatment € 68
2 Treatments € 125
3 Treatments € 180

Chergui – Lipolytic of impact and stimulating
Running time: 1h 15m
1 Treatment € 75
2 Treatments € 140
3 Treatments € 200

Simuni - Lipolytic of impact and energizing
Running time: 1h 15m
1 Treatment € 75
2 Treatments € 140
3 Treatments € 200

SCIROCCO – Circulatory and Draining
Running time: 1h 10m
1 Treatment € 68
2 Treatments € 125
3 Treatments € 180

SAHARA – vascularizing for cellulite
Running time: 1h 10m
1 Treatment € 68
2 Treatments € 125
3 Treatments € 180

KHAMSIN – localized swelling
Running time: 1h 10m
1 Treatment € 68
2 Treatments € 125
3 Treatments € 180

KALIMA – Oxygenating and anti-aging for skin
Running time: 1h 10m
1 Treatment € 68
2 Treatments € 125
3 Treatments € 180

Body Scrub – steam bath and shirodara
Duration 30 minutes
Cost: 45 €

Body Scrub – steam bath and partial body massage
Duration : 50 minutes
Cost: 60 €

Over the years have been validated properties of Dead Sea mud as a natural treatment. The peculiarities of its composition is given by thin insoluble mineral grains and interstitial solution containing soluble salts coming from the Dead Sea. In addition, the mud, for its absorbent components that remove all impurities, allows a deep cleansing of the skin giving it a healthy and relaxed look.

Dead Sea Mud – Complete treatment
Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
Cost: 100 €

Dead Sea Mud – Partial treatment
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cost: 75 €

Mud treatment – special packages  per room
1 Treatment Ghibli
1 Treatment Sahara
1 Treatment Scirocco
Price: 190 €

1 Treatment Chergui
1 Treatment Khamsin
1 Treatment Kalima
Price: 195 €

In all treatments you can combine a Shirodara massage adding other 15 €.

In advance, on request, on Saturday morning it is possible to have doctor’s visit (although not  required) at a cost of 35 €.

For all kinds of treatments is advisable to book in advance before arrival to be sure to find free place. The customers are asked to strictly adhere to the agreed appointment time. Any delay could decrease the duration of the treatment provided. The treatments that have not been canceled by the afternoon of the previous day will be equally charged

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